Sound Design: Task 5

Critical Reflection – Vexille

Assessment Task 5 – (Criteria 4.1 & 4.2)

Critically Reflect on the Process and Final Productions you have Created.

Overall I think this project went alright. I enjoyed the recording process at the beginning and found it a very creative and interesting process. Trying to create a sound from scratch proved more difficult than I thought. However, I found the editing process to be quite difficult and time consuming. If I were to do the project again I would definitely start the editing process as early as possible, I didn’t realise just how long it would take to import all of the recordings and synchronise them, let alone adding EQ, reverb and effects.  There are ares in my final piece that I am pleased with but there are areas which could do with improving. Some of the sounds are synched up fine but don’t sound realistic because of the characters environment, for example the ADR on the plane is all synched up but is lacking the metallic echo that you would expect to hear from a place like that. There were so many different aspects to think about in order to make a life-like  and natural sound. During the ADR recording sessions, we had to think carefully about the characters tone, volume and environment. Some of the ADR suits well and matches the character’s tone, but in some places it sounds as though it is being read so it gives a false, forced feel to it. This doesn’t really matter too much because we were focusing on the actual recording and editing process rather than the voices of the characters, plus we used people in our class instead of actors. Sourcing the sounds we didn’t record proved difficult because some members of the group did not complete the tasks they were assigned, leaving it to the individual to search through pages of sounds to find something suitable, which took  long time and I for one could not always find the sound I was looking for. This entire project has made me realise the importance of sound design in film making and how important sound design is to all films. It also made me realise why sound design is often the longest process in a film production.

The biggest issue for me in this project was the editing process, specifically the final export. Because I did my final edit on my laptop which runs on Windows, I encountered a lot of problems with settings, playback and uploading. After trying several times to export the video in many different setting, I eventually had to export my video in a format I didn’t want, although as previously mentioned, I felt it would be better to submit something in any format rather than nothing at all. I will be looking for solutions to this problem so I can export my video in the format specified in the brief.

Although the sound design process is a long and difficult process, I would still like to try and use this method of sound design in the future instead of recording sound on set because the difference in quality is quite noticeable and a good sound design can really elevate the production quality of the entire film.