Sound Design: Task 3

‘From The Ground Up’ & ‘The Mirror’ – Building a Sound

Assessment Task 3 (Criteria 2.1 & 3.1)

‘You will build 4 test pieces that focus on particular areas of sound design:

A.D.R, SFX,  Foley and Atmospheres

Each test piece will be an originally filmed narrative sequence, photographed by the entire group. You will then work in small groups to record, edit and mix the sound design for each. Emphasis will be placed on the art of ‘building’ a sound or a series of sounds in layers; from the ground up.’

For this Sound Design task we were given a muted scene from the 1975 Andrei Tarkovsky film ‘The Mirror’. We were then told to build up an atmos track for the short sequence. There was no foley or dialogue, only atmosphere. This was a good exercise because the atmos track is something that is usually done first in the sound design development because the sounds don’t have to be synchronized or even directly associated to on screen action. Hence why this part of sound design is often started before principle photography has even begun.

I worked with Frankie for his project and after watching the scene we both agreed on the kind of feel we wanted to give the video. The video is a very eerie, dark and almost dream like sequence so we wanted the atmos track to match this. We scrolled through pages and pages of sounds from various different websites and used a combination of sounds that gave the impression of a dark, dank and unrealistic experience. Below is our final video after experimenting with different sounds, pitched, EQ, effects and pace.


The following videos are taken from our Vexille project.




For more information on the recording process for the clips shown above, please see the Vexille Sound Design page.