SSI Proposal

SSI Proposal Form

Unit 4 – Criteria 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3

My submitted SSI proposal form:

Pictured above is my proposal form for my SSI research project. I chose to conduct my research on Nicolas Winding Refn and his use of lighting and colour in his films. I am a personal fan on both Drive and Only God Forgives, two of his more well known films. The first time I saw both of these films I was interested in the lack of dialogue and how Refn made up for it with his unique style of cinematography. The cinematography in both the films fascinated me when I first saw them so I took this as an opportunity to explore how and why he uses the lights and colours the way he does. I also looked briefly at Winding Refn in my Auteur Theory essay so I have some prior knowledge that I hope will help my research.