Producing: Task 2

Producer: Task 2

Task 2: Originate and research the feasibility of an Original Idea, and pitch it to the Exec. team (Criteria 2.1 & 2.2)

Following our meeting with Jai on the 5th March, Richard and I had a short meeting with Jon to discuss our progress and where to go next. The point of this meeting was to assess the feasibility of what we were trying to achieve and to get some advice on the best way to progress.

Here is a video taken from the meeting:


The main points we discussed were the script which, as previously mentioned, was too long, the settings, and the best way to find actor.

The meeting went well and we’re pleased with the direction we are taking this project. From here, myself and Richard will be looking into the actors suggested by Jon, securing written confirmation for use of locations like the pub and the barn we plan to use and assessing the practicalities of where we plan to shoot.