Producing: Task 1

The Role of a Producer

(Unit 59, Assessment Task 1 – Criteria 1.1)

‘Based on your own research into the role; your experiences so far on the course; and, from discussions in session, briefly explain and compare the role of Producer in Film, Video and TV.’

The role of a producer is to provide overall supervision for all aspects of the film making process.

This includes: Locations – Researching and scouting for suitable locations before the filming process. Conducting recce’s to ensure there is a power supply if needed, ensuring transport is available to locations, acquiring permission if needed, providing refreshments and ensuring the health and safety procedures are all in place if needed.

Actors and Crew: The producer is usually responsible for acquiring actors and setting up auditions, ensuing the actors all sign release form if the actors are under 18 years old and providing general communications for all the actors and members of the crew should any problems arise. A producer will try to manage the hierarchy of the entire cast and crew of a film production so responsibility is shared.

A producers overall core responsibilities can be broken down into four major categories. Communications, Health and Safety, Budget and overall organization.

There are slight differences in a producers role depending on the type of production. Producers working on television have a more creative role to play as well as being in charge of general organization. Below is a clip of Gale Anne Hurd talking about her role as a producer on The Walking Dead. In this interview she talks about how she got in to her role as a producer and her roles and responsibilities as a producer of very successful TV series.


Executive producers are often brought in to television programmes to control other aspects of the production such as the budget. This is also the case in film production, executive producers will have financial responsibilities to ensure the film is being produced within its budget. The producer will be responsible for the overall day to day running of the film production. The line producer will have similar responsibilities, but with the added responsibility of being around on the day of filming to ensure the process runs smoothly.

In our producing project I think myself and Richard will try to cover all these responsibilities between us. Instead of labeling our job roles as producer and line producer, me and Richard will share both roles and responsibilities together. Depending on availability, we will both be available to be on set if we are wanted, but if not then we will be working closely together to make the filming process as easy as possible for the group to film. We will be setting up auditions for actors, trying to acquire locations, preparing paperwork and contracts and offering general advice and support. I think we will find it difficult to acquire locations etc because of our non-existent budget but we will try our best to provide suitable places and people to suit the film.