Producing: Critical Reflection

Producing: Task 4

(Criteria 4.1 & 4.2) Critical Evaluation:

On reflection, I enjoyed this task. It was interesting to see just how important a producers role is in film making. Even though we were only in charge of a small scale shoot with a handful of people, there was still plenty to think about and arrange which put in to context the sheer scale of a feature length film producer’s role. Although I was disappointed¬† we weren’t able to shoot the film, it’s just one of those things that happens a lot in the industry and did not detract anything from the job me and Richard did. Film and TV productions are cancelled all the time so it is just one of those things. There are plenty of reasons why productions get cancelled or ‘shelved’. Sometimes there is not a suitable crew available, actors unavailable at certain times or even just the timing not being right for public release, for example after 9/11 many films were shelved or cancelled all together because of how the public would react to the plot so soon after the attacks. The films listed below are just a few examples of films that have been cancelled or delayed due to timing.

I was really pleased with everything we accomplished from start to finish. I also made some useful contacts in the production which I plan to use in my own future productions.¬† We did occasionally have some problems with getting in touch with people but nothing that we weren’t able to overcome. If I get the opportunity to produce anything again then I’ll be sure to include everybody at an earlier date. Myself and Richard only met the full group on the final week so there were times when we didn’t have enough people to get all necessary jobs done. In this case it was simply a matter of people not turning up when they were supposed to but in future I’ll be sure to make more of an effort to get all members of the shoot involved as early as possible so the whole production crew are on the same page and up to speed with proceedings. Again, this project has made me realise the importance of a good producer in film making. I would definitely like to work on projects with a producer in future because it’s good to know that somebody is chasing down locations, organising actors and doing all the jobs that could be a distraction from filming if you were to do it all yourself. Having a producer allows you to concentrate on the creative side of the film making knowing that somebody is taking care of cast, crew and other important aspects of the production.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Richard who was consistently  punctual and I definitely look forward to working with him again in our own respective projects.