Mo Film: Task 4

Critical Evaluation – Mo Film

Evaluation – Assessment Task 4 (Criteria 3.1 & 3.2)

Critically evaluate the success of the completed project and critically analyse audience responses and feedback.

To be honest, I don’t think the video went as well as it could have. The last minute cancellations caused some issues, as did not having the correct lighting, however I think the main problem was the story of the video. I didn’t think the narrative was clear enough and some of the shots did not work. Although I still like the general idea of the story I think we should have added a bit more detail and a few extra shots to make sure the audience was aware of the situation. As it is, I don’t the video makes much sense. It wasn’t all bad; some of the shots work well and gave a nice cinematic look and even though we didn’t have much time, everybody involved tried their best and contributed well. Overall, I think I should have put more thought in to the narrative and just added some simple shots that would have made the story clearer. For numerous reasons including actor availability and other ongoing projects, the filming process was left until very late, which left us no time at all for a contingency or additional shots that could have added to the video. Although I wasn’t fully pleased with the outcome of the video, I did enjoy the project and will definitely keep an eye out for similar future projects to be a part of, having learned many valuable lessons from this experience. This project also taught me how difficult arranging a shoot is by yourself. Trying to organize the actors, equipment, locations, lighting and camera proved extremely difficult by myself so in the future I will definitely make sure I have a good team of people to help me out. I think that the final video would have been much better in all areas if I had people to help me. I showed the video to friends and family and asked for some honest feedback and the overall reaction was similar across the board, that although it looked aesthetically nice, it also looked rushed in areas and could have been improved with more planning. These comments were well received because I completely agree with everything people said, so I will definitely be looking at improving these aspects in my next project.