Mo Film: Task 2

Pre-Production – Mo Film

Assessment Task 2 – Conduct Pre-Production (Criteria 2.1)

After me and Frankie decided to work together on the Mo Film project, the first thing we did was sit down together an listen to the song. I already had a vague idea in mind for the video so I asked Frankie what he thought and he liked the idea so we chose to try and develop the idea. As Frankie joined late on we both agreed that I would direct the project and he would assist me. This made sense because I already had a rough idea of the production process as I had been planning it before he joined. I would be in charge of acquiring the actors, locations and equipment and Frankie would be in charge of setting up and lighting the scenes. After a long discussion we had an idea of what we wanted to film. We wanted to tell the story of a regretful break-up between a couple because we felt the lyrics fit nicely with this idea and suited the music. We wanted a very simplistic video that would be heavily relying on our actors performance to portray their feelings, this was especially important because our setting would be an almost pitch black environment (the film studio) with a projector playing old movies of the couple. We wanted the videos being projected to represent his joyful memories of the relationship, yet also symbolise his regret that he let it slip through his fingers.  This was also a viable option because it would mean needing only two actors, a male and a female character, a setting that we already had access to and very little in the way of props. . By the time we decided on an idea we were both happy with, we only had a week until the deadline and our main actor was only available on the day before deadline, we toyed with the idea of replacing the character somehow but we didn’t think it would make much sense so we stuck with the idea and just hoped the filming went smoothly. We sat down together and quickly drew up a shot list and storyboards so we at least had a rough idea of shots to follow. Pictured below is the rough storyboard and shot list that we drew up.

shot list and storyboard mo film


The main character would be played by  a friend of mine, Evan Larke, who I had worked with before so knew i could rely on him to deliver the performance I wanted. A few days before the shoot I got him to sign a actor release form which is shown below along with the same form signed by our female character, Lottie Wright.

Mo film release forms

On the day of filming I sent a message to Frankie asking him to meet me at the studio a few hours before our actors arrived so we had plenty of time to set up all the equipment and lighting. Below is a screenshot of the messages between myself and Frankie.

mo film texts

Pictured below is a schedule that we set up for the filming day to ensure we kept to a strict deadline, this was especially important with the deadline being early the next day.


Capture - Schedule