Script Writing Task 2

Script Proposal

Mind map - enter the pitch


After mind mapping some script ideas for the Enter the Pitch competition (pictured above). I came up with a proposal for my project.

The rules of the competition:

‘The Pitch invites original pitches of up to two (2) minutes in length, showcasing the potential of the entrant to make a film. The entrant will demonstrate this with a pitch for an original contemporary short film (running length 10-20 minutes) that takes inspiration from a biblical story, parable, character or book. Any genre is acceptable, and the pitch may be a simple piece to camera telling the story, or it may be a storyboard, pilot piece, etc.

Each pitch must be accompanied by the official entry form (available from 1 July), which will outline the case for supporting the film maker, cite the biblical source material for the pitch, and include a rationale for the choice of material.

The competition is open to everyone aged 18 years or over.

With all this in mind I aim to create a short video based on the story of Noah’s Arc. The rules state it must have a biblical reference and I think this story can be altered in a way that would tell a completely new narrative. I aim to use simple camera techniques that will allow the idea to be told without much visual distraction because the competition is about the idea, not creating a ‘trailer’ as such. I want the video to reach out to a wide demographic with a target age of anybody 12 years or older. With a limited budget, I will look to use friends as actors and aim to film locally, although I’m willing to travel to locations if I feel they would improve the overall aesthetic of the video. Now I have decided on this idea, the next step is to actually write the script.

Script Writing: Task 2

Be able to create script ideas and proposals for moving image fiction.

I chose to write a script for the Enter the Pitch competition because I plan to film my pitch in the summer so I thought it would make sense to combine the two tasks.

The first thing I did was look online at the Enter the Pitch website to ensure the brief was the same as last years competition and it was. So I set about looking for a biblical story portray in my own way. I wanted quite a vague story to interpret so I looked online at some biblical stories and the most obvious choice seemed to be the tale of Noah’s arc. So I set about creating a script that was loosely based on that story but from the point of view of somebody left behind.

Pictured above are the three script drafts that I came up with notes.