Script Writing Task 1

Script Writing (Task 1)

Understand the markets and commissioning process for moving image fiction scripts.

Script writing is a very difficult industry to find work in and getting your script read by the right people can be a very tricky process. But there are companies, websites and competition that offer new script writers the opportunity to get their name out there. The BBC have a specific sub section that offers script writers the opportunity to send in their scripts. BBC Writers Room offer excellent advice, guidance and opportunities for script writers, they also provide a list of companies that you can send your script to. There are also plenty of script writing competitions to go for, which can be useful for exposure and sometimes valuable in terms of feedback. Kaos Films and Red Planet Pictures are two high profile competitions open to script writers and although competition is high it’s definitely worth entering if you’re confident in your work. Although getting an agent can be difficult, and getting a decent one even harder, working with a good agent can open up a lot of opportunities. Agencies are always on the lookout for new, fresh talent so it’s worth trying to get your work to them. Sending copies of your work can grab somebody’s attention so it’s always worth a go, if you’re good enough then you will be picked up by an agent eventually. Although having an agent is not essential, it will help you to find work because an agent’s job, essentially, is to find you work and will be able to do so through acquired contacts and knowledge on the industry.

The commissioning process for script writing again varies immensely. For somebody who has written a script, getting it noticed can be very difficult and take a lot of effort. So, you have a script but don’t know what to do next. Looking at online competitions can be a great way to get your script read, and if it’s decent then it definitely worth doing, some competitions will simply buy your script, others will offer you the opportunity to get it made in to a film but either way competitions are a great thing to get involved with. Networking can also be a very useful and helpful thing to get involved with, attending lectures, seminars, workshops and film festivals is a great way to meet people who can help develop your script and offer useful advice on how to improve your script and take steps in the right direction, the important thing is to get yourself known and get your name heard by the right people.

The Black List is a great online presence in script writing. By registering with writers are given the opportunity to submit their scripts and screenplays and if they’re good they will be picked up by studios, producers and entire teams wanting to turn your script into a film or series. The Black List boasts an impressive 225 screenplays that have been made in to feature length films and if you take the time to scroll through the list of previous success stories, you will almost certainly recognise at least one. Out of all the competitions and websites I’ve found, I think this looks the most impressive, if you’re confident in your script then I registering here is definitely worth doing. The statistics in The Blacklist Annual Report speak for themselves and is a very impressive, interesting read.

Overall, I think script writing is very similar to film making. Although it is difficult to get yourself known and get your projects out there, there are definitely things you can do to help yourself. With worldwide competitions and ever expending online media platforms and social media there has never been an easier time to get your projects seen. I think the important thing is to try and get your work everywhere and wherever you can. Enter competitions, apply for positions, ask for favours and use the web to your advantage and eventually, if you’re good, you’ll get noticed by the right people.