Genero: Task 1

Genero TV – Task 1

Thoroughly Research, Identify and then Negotiate a GeneroTV Project – Unit 80 criteria 1.1 & 1.2.

As part of our research for Genero TV, we looked at a past project by Icelandic producer, Olafur Arnalds. The brief for this project was quite short;

‘Olafur Arnalds wants you to make the music video for This Place Was A Shelter off his latest album For Now I Am Winter.
It’s inspired by the dilemma of not really believing in an afterlife but still wanting to know of some better place. Olafur says, “being the dreamer that I am I would prefer to know that you are not just lost in oblivion, but at the same time it leaves me with an inspiration to do more and perform as well as a human being as possible in the moment”.

The brief is open to your interpretation, be inspired by the music and get creative!’

Although the brief states that it is open to your interpretation, it gives a big hint in to the kind of music video Olafur is after. He mentions the afterlife being an inspiration so that lends itself to the idea of life, death, religion, life after death, beliefs etc.

Along with the brief there is also a write up on Olafur Arnalds which gives an interesting insight in to him as a person. Finding out about him is a useful tool that can help influence the type of film you’re planning to make, for example¬† Olafur Arnalds growing up in Iceland can influence how you think about the music video, Icelandic society and culture can give a valuable insight in to his personal interests and aspects of the video that might interest him personally. Icelandic culture tends to be very rural and scenic so these may be things you would want to try and include in your video. The winning video for this project is shown below and demonstrates how looking in to the artist you are working for can benefit your video, I think by using Scandinavian looking scenery and actors it appealed to Olafur Arnalds more than others.

Watch the winning video

Olafur Arnalds gave feedback to all of the videos entered and in the video below, he explains why he chose the winning video. He says how he liked the simplicity of the video also pointing out the good choice of actor and slow pace of the video that did not detract from the music. This project is an excellent example of how researching the artist can help immensely in the planning of your video and ensure you make a video that suits the brief.

Past Entries

Most of the briefs on Genero TV state that the music and video is open to interpretation but by looking into the bands own influences, style of music and past videos you can easily find the kind of style they want to portray and use this to your advantage when planning your video. M83 have had projects on Genero TV before and all of their projects state that the music is open to interpretation but all the winners have certain aspects in common. M83’s videos often contain some sort of supernatural element to them, from super powered children in Midnight City to make believe fantasy worlds in Steve McQueen.