Genero Task 2: Proposal

Proposal Idea: Mo Film

Research and Originate a detailed 2 sided A4 proposal – Assessment Task 2 (Criteria 2.1 & 2.2)

Because there was no suitable projects for Genero TV, me and Frankie decided to enter a Mo Film competition instead. Mo film competitions offer a brief and certain requirements for the videos so it met the criteria for this project nicely.

Myself and Frankie looked over all the live projects and opted for the ROLO competition because we liked the sound of the brief. So after we downloaded the brief, we set about storyboarding our idea.

Our pitch:

The ROLO project brief stated that the video must be based around the tagline ‘Do you love anyone enough to give them your last ROLO?’.

Our idea is based around a sacrifice in ancient Azetc times. A few characters will carry a Rolo to the foot of a Azetc style pyramid where there will be a tribe awaiting the sacrifice of the Rolo to a God like figure, however when the time comes to sacrifice the Rolo, the character holding the sword will change his mind and run away with Rolo for himself. We realised early on that this would be quite ambitious with our time  limits and budget so instead of filming real life characters with expensive costumes and sets, we decided it would suit us to try and film it as a stop motion animation.

Shooting as a stop motion animation benefited us because we would only need a small amount of space to film, we had DragonFrame software available at college and we wouldn’t have to worry about locations, talent release forms or organising actors. All we would need is some Play-Doh to create the small characters , some foam boards for the set and our own camera equipment.We took inspiration for our video idea from watching Michael Gondry style animations on Vimeo, we felt it was something we were capable of creating with enough time and effort, plus we have some experience in animation from previous projects.

Requirements for the video:

Must feature the Rolo Product.

It must end on the Nestle end frame.

No children can be used in the advert.

It must contain the tagline provided.

The target audience: Adults aged 20+ and will be shown globally.

Needs to have a humorous and playful feel.

We felt that our idea would fit these requirements perfectly, provided we used the play-doh well enough to create funny, non-threatening looking characters and made it very obvious the sword would be made out of either play-doh or cardboard. The advert can last between 30-60 seconds which, again, we thought was an ideal time constraint for what we wanted to do.