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The Making Of Documentary – Media & Make Up

Film Editing Criteria 1.1, 1.2,3.1 & 3.2

On 12th March myself, Frankie, Craig,  Andrew, Vicky and Sam were asked to film a ‘making of’ style video for the Media Make-Up Department as they helped out the BSC students with a short, zombie based film. We arrived in the morning and began to shoot straight away. Throughout the day we followed the media make up students as they prepared actors and got them looking the part. In the afternoon we focused more on the behind the scenes action of the BSC students as they shot the film.

The day was a great experience and I enjoyed helping out. It was a useful insight in to how the BSC students shoot their films compared to us and it was nice getting to know some of the Media Make-Up students.

Below is a screenshot of the editing process after I had acquired all the footage we had. There was an issue when Sam’s video footage went missing but we had to just use the footage we already had and stills.

Screen Shot

Here is my final edit of the day:

Promotional Video – Paul Lee

Assessment Task 2 – (Criteria 2.1 & 2.2)

Plan a promotional video.

In February, I, Joey, Richard and Pete were asked to create a short promotional video for Paul Lee, a performer who covers the songs of Meatloaf.

Mr Lee was due to perform in the Brooksby Melton College Theatre so we would be there on the night to gather as much footage as we could for the video. On the night of Friday the 8th, we all met at college with our 550D cameras, tripods, spare batteries and memory cards. We decided to film at 1080 x 1920 at 25fps and positioned ourselves at various locations around the stage, I and Joey were at the front, behind the barriers so we couldn’t be seen by the audience ad Richard and Pete were each side of the stage.

I and Joey were attempting to get close up shots of the performance with some focus pulls, and filler shots. The show lasted just over two hours with a thirty minute interval in which we exported the footage on to a Mac before continuing filming in the second half. For the audio, we asked the sound technician at the theatre to record what he could, which turned out well and we transferred it straight on to the Mac with the footage ready for the edit.

Client Work – BMC High School Musical

Assessment Task 2 (Criteria 2.1 & 2.2)

On May 20th, myself, Joey, Frankie, Jordan and Andrew volunteered to film our college’s performance of High School Musical in the theater. The showing would be performed by the first year performing arts and musical theater students.

Before the show, everybody booked out and gathered the equipment we would be using for the night. The equipment list consisted of:

  • 4 x Cannon 550d’s with a spare battery for each camera. (All with SD cards)
  • 2 x 32gb SD cards 1 x 64gb SD card and 4 x 8gb SD cards
  • 3 x tripods
  • 2 x mic stands with road mics with 2 XLR cables
  • 1 x zoom microphone

Our original plan was to ask the theater technicians to record the audio as we have asked them to do on previous projects, however when Joey and Jordan asked we found out that it wouldn’t be possible due to technical difficulties. Our plan B was to use two microphones, located at the side of the stage, to capture the audio. A friend from the BSC, Nick, suggested using the zoom microphone in the center of the stage whilst using the Rode microphones at the side of the stage in order to capture the audio from three different places. We proceeded to use this set-up and although it wasn’t as clean sounding as the technical recording we had planned first, it was still usable for post-production.

After we sorted out the sound recording issues, we decided where we would all be sat for the filming process. Joey was located center stage, below the boards at the front for central views and close ups. Myself and Frankie where located at either side of the stage to get establishing/cross shots. And Jordan and Andrew where located at the back of the theater to get wide angle shots.

The show began and we stated to film. As the show went on, we all encountered a few problems. There were problems with the camera focus from Jordan’s camera, which was sorted out quickly. Mid way through the first half my battery power began to die, but fortunately we had put a spare on charge by me in case so that was also changed quickly. Frankie and I were also both short on memory from the memory cards, so we selectively chose which bits to film between ourselves. After a short interval, we continued the film the second half of the show with little trouble.

Overall, I feel this production was a success. Although we all had problems to deal with, I think everybody performed well under the pressure. I would be happy to work with the same people again, in the same conditions. However this did teach us all to thoroughly prepare and double check all aspects of the camera, including memory and battery life.