Film Editing: Task 5

Life in a Day: Critical Evaluation

For this task, I have to critically review and evaluate my ‘Life in a Day’ video project that I did for Task 4. In order to get a true reflection on my video I need to get the views of other people who can offer an honest opinion. Because my video was finished late (due to first edit being deleted), my video was not showcased with others in class, which meant I could not get feedback from others in the class. So I had to show my video to people at a later date when my video was complete.

After I completed my edit, I showed the final video to Jordan, Frankie, Pete and Paul who gave me some valuable feedback. The overall feedback was good and people seemed to enjoy the video but there was some critical points that people raised. Jordan and Frankie both said that they enjoyed the video and thought it went well with the music but thought it got slightly repetitive after a while, this was probably down to only using certain people footage. After Paul watched the video he said the editing was fine but the video was more of a music video rather than a documentary style video. I completely agree with the comments I received from Frankie, Jordan and Paul. I would have liked the video to be similar to the original Life in a Day film rather than a montage/music video and to begin with, that is what I was doing, but after my original edit was deleted I chose this style because it was easier and quicker to complete in limited time.

If I were to do this project again, I would definitely try to make my video similar to the original film as appose to a music video style. My video lost a lot of detail by having music playing over the top. People’s conversations and activities throughout their day were lost and the final video did not make much sense, it was just random clips compiled together, not what I set out to achieve. I would also try to do a better job of filming my day as I didn’t have much footage to contribute to the project. On reflection, this project has taught me some valuable lessons for both filming and editing techniques that I hope will improve my future projects.