Film Editing: Task 4

Life in a Day

Film Editing Task 4: Life in a Day. Organisation/Proxies/Logging/Labeling of Edit: Criteria: 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3

Assembly and Edit of Footage: Criteria: 3.1 & 3.2

For this task we were told to produce a ‘life in a day’ style video similar to the 2011 documentary we watched in class. For the original documentary, people from across the world were asked to film their day on July 24th 2010, the clips would then be edited together to show how different people’s everyday lives are. There were over 80,000 videos submitted for the making of this film which came to over 4500 hours worth of footage from 192 nations, a hugely substantial task. Fortunately, we didn’t have to sit through hours worth of footage for our task, each of us was simply asked to film our day on 7th November, we would then, individually, create an edit that would show the differences in our daily routines.

On 8th November we all swapped footage with each other and began our individual edits. The first thing I did was create a folder and sub-folders to label whose footage was whose. I then went through everybody’s footage and deleted the clips I knew I wouldn’t be able to use and labelled the footage so I would remember what the clips were when it came to my edit. I then opened Premiere Pro to begin my edit and imported the labelled footage. The editing process was much easier with footage that was already named as I could drag the footage on to my timeline knowing exactly what it was, for example dragging ‘Frankie_walking town’ is much better than dragging ‘’ and scrolling through the footage to see what it is. There was a slight issue with the different types and style of how people filmed their days. Some of the footage was in a different format to others so had to be converted using mpeg Streamclip, but the software is very useful so this issue was resolved quite easily. Some of the footage was also shot in landscape mode on a phone so did not sync up well with the other footage, I chose not to use a lot of the footage for this reason.

For my project, I began to edit together the footage in chronological order starting from when people woke up in the morning. I wanted a similar style to the original film where you see the difference in what people do but at roughly the same time of day. I edited roughly half of my footage together and left it to finish at college the next day, however when I went back the footage was missing and presumably deleted so I had to start again. It took a long time to put all my footage together so I was quite annoyed when I had to start again, but this time I decided to do more of a montage/music video style edit. After starting my edit again, this was my finished video by the end of the day: