Fiction: Task 5

Inspire Film Festival

Fiction Assessment Task 5 – (Criteria: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 & 3.2), Editing (Criteria 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 & 3.2)

Create a short film for the Inspire Film Festival.

Inspire – Short Film


For this project, the class was split into several groups and told to create a short fiction production for entry to the Inspire Film Festival 2013. I was in a group with Richard, Bradley and Sam. The three of us were then told to come up with a short film idea, lasting roughly between 5-10 minutes. To assist our concept, our tutor gave us three key components to integrate into our film – a location, an item and a phrase. It was important to make these three elements valid to our story and not just added for the sake of it. The location, item and phrase must all have a valid contribution to the narrative of the film.

Richard, Bradley, Sam and I went away to have a group discussion and to think about how we were going to proceed. We began by talking about possible storylines for our piece. The conversation and thought process flowed well and soon we had a rough idea of what we wanted our film to be about. After we had all agreed on a general story, we were required to pith our idea to our tutor in order to gain feedback and improve certain areas of the story before we proceeded to the pre production phase. The proposal could have been presented in a number of ways, including paper based documents or a kick starter style video pitch, however we decided to create a short PowerPoint presentation with a paper based hand out. As shown below, our presentation contained pictures of our chosen location, logistics of the shoot and s synopsis of our story.

During our pitch, ourselves and Paul had a critical discussion about our idea which enabled us to make some slight alterations to the story before we started pre-production.

We went away from our video pitch feeling pleased and confident of our idea and immediately proceeded to the pre production phase. Richard drew up the storyboard, release forms for our actors and a script.

After all the necessary paperwork was completed, we began our shoot. The filming process would all take place at Asfordby woods, a small and isolated wooded area. The filming went very well and the actors we selected cooperated very well making it very easy for us to work with them. We originally scheduled to film over two days but due to weather conditions we had to reschedule for the sake of continuity, however the filming was completed very quickly and we were all pleased with the footage we got. Richard took charge of the post production and created an EDL (Click Here to view the Edit Decision List ), shown below and immediately got started on the edit. The video was editing in Adobe Premier Pro CS3 and After Effects CS5.CS5 was used to create a muzzle flash from the, as shown in a screenshot below. Richard editing the video quickly and after a couple of days he had a finished product to show us. I was really pleased with the edit; Richard added some nice effects to the gun to make it recoil and used some colour techniques to make the ‘premonition’ scenes seem dreamlike and separate it from the normal.



On reflection I feel this production went very well from start to finish. If I were to change anything then I think we could have made a few slight changes to the script, although I thought the general idea of the film was good, I think with perhaps more time we could have had a couple of days finalising the script as a group to give the characters more of a personality, however this would have been difficult with the time we had. I do think Richard deserves extra accolade for his involvement in all stages of production, he took charge of this project very well and directed everybody excellently.