Fiction: Task 4

‘IF’ Competition

Fiction Task 4: Criteria 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 & 3.2

For this task, we were asked to create a short film, lasting no longer than 3 minutes, for the IF competition.

I was in a group with Joey, Vicky, Craig and Pete. We all sat down for a meeting to discuss ideas. After a short discussion we had all agreed on what we wanted to do so Pete went away and produced a script and storyboard. Pete also took charge of acquiring the three actors we needed so everything was in place and ready to film in good time.

The Treatment:

Jess is a young mother. After having a child at around 15, Jess left the father and took the child with her. We find Jess at the start of the film at her kitchen table. She is opening a letter and at the top we read ”notice of eviction.” She turns to Liam and smiles at him as if nothing is wrong. He carries on playing with his toys. short fade to black.

Fade in to a knocking at the door. Jess opens it and a smart man in a suit is standing there. He shows her his identification. He is from Social Services. They sit down at the kitchen table and begin talking. She begins calm but progressively gets more upset and distressed as the conversation continues. She glances at liam throughout the conversation as he still plays with his toys. The man in the suit stands and she starts to panic and reaches for Liam but the Social worker already has him and is turning to leave. Jess starts to shout and anger builds and she follows him out of the door, screaming and grasping for Liam, he reaches back but the social worker continues on. She falls to the floor sobbing. Short fade to black.

Fade in to Jess in an office. The Man opposite hands her a piece of paper. It reads ”Application for housing” and at the bottom is a big red word. Denied. She tears up the paper and leaves the room. Fade to black. Fade in to the exterior of a car. Inside the car we see Jess alone. Filling the car are many black bags, some overflowing with clothes. Jess cracks and bursts into tears. We start to pull back away from the car as she continues to cry. The camera moves back slowly for 20-30 seconds and fades out to black.