Fiction: Task 3

Recreation Scene – The Truman Show

Assessment Task 3 – (Criteria 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 & 3.2)

Create a new version of a classic film scene.

The Truman Show

For this project we were each assigned an iconic scene from a well known film and told to recreate it, using actors from first year performing arts.

I was assigned a personal favourite, the classic scene from The Truman Show in which Truman finally speaks to ‘The Creator’ character after discovering his entire life has been fake and set up for the purpose of a global television show. The scene is an intense and emotional conversation between Truman, a man who has been stuck in a pretend world, created solely for him and the Creator of the show, Cristof, a man who has gained immense success, wealth and fame from creating and controlling the TV show that has trapped Truman for all his life.

I was very pleased with the scene I was told to recreate so I started thinking about the script and how to go about filming the scene straight away. I made up a script I was happy with and drew up a rough story board of how I wanted the scene to go.

Truman Show – Script

This was the script that I gave to the actors, however I told them to say what felt natural and didn’t need to stick to this 100% and I think this gave a real and natural feel to the performance.

I held auditions for the two characters I required. Originally, I selected my favourites as Sinead as the creator character and Jordan Gunn as Truman, however after deliberation I decided both roles would suit male actors so I chose to cast Josh Gallagher to play the role of the creator, Cristof. As I didn’t have access to a TV studio that can be seen from space like in the original, I chose to film my scene in college’s film studio, using very minimalistic set design to concentrate the audience’s attention on the emotional content of the scene. I used close up shots to try and portray the thoughts and feelings of Truman and used a simple set with little colour to detract from Jordan’s performance. For Josh’s scenes, I used a red lighting as I felt this gave a menacing and distant effect to his character, firmly establishing him as ‘the bad guy’. Both the actors played their respective roles well and I was very pleased with their work and professionalism.

Due to numerous problems throughout the pre production phase, including script changes and availability of actors, my shoot had to be on the last day before submission deadline, but with the help of an assembled crew, including sound recording and camera operators we were set up and ready to film in the afternoon. Despite having only a day to film, I was very pleased with the footage I got and was ready to edit the sequence.

The editing went well, I had help from Joey and Tom and after the music was edited and put in place, the afternoon was spent synchronising the audio and finalising the transitions to match the audio, but by 5pm I had a video I was pleased with.



The finished video was shown to an audience in Melton Theatre and was well received. I have since shown it to a few different people to try and gage an honest reaction. I was pleased with the overall feedback I received but after watching the video myself over and over again I would have made a few changes if I were to do it again. I intentionally made the set simplistic but on reflection, I would have liked to experiment with some different settings and lighting techniques, for instance I have since thought it would have been a good idea to film the scene in the middle of nowhere, in a field perhaps to demonstrate Truman’s loneliness. However I am still very pleased with the use of music, I used the same track that was used in the original film, Father Kolbe’s Preaching. The music suits the emotional tone of the scene and the controlled volume change emphasises the actors’ performance whilst providing a subtle background soundtrack.

Overall I think the filming process and finished video was a complete success. I was pleased with the quality and outcome of the film and I established some good working relationships that I’m sure will be used again in the future.