Career Development: Task 5

Research, 5 Year Plan & CV

Career Development Task 5 – Criteria 4.1 & 4.2


After a quick search online, I found an array of film and media related job openings. Pictured below are a couple of screen grabs of what I found. The jobs vary a lot in salary and experience but there are jobs out there so I plan to keep an eye on these websites after I complete the course to see if anything suitable becomes available.

These job adverts were taken from The Guardian website and

5 Year Plan:

Year 1 & 2 – The first two years of my plan are solely dedicated to completing the college course and getting the HND under my belt. I hope to get a good understanding of the the media industry that can prepare me for work after the course is finished. I hope hat the HND course will continue to teach me a wide variety of skills so that at the end of the course I can make an informed decision about which area I would like to pursue as a career. I plan to enter competitions as part of the course and in my spare time and hopefully create films that I am pleased with.

Year 3: Provided that the HND course goes well, I’m hoping to get on the BSC course so that I can continue to learn more about film making and the media industry. The BSC is very important to me because I think a degree will be very useful to have on a CV for potential future employers. A BSC degree will hopefully separate me from other candidates should I go for a competitively sought after job. Over the course of my time at college, I hope to have developed a website that showcases my work so that I am able to show potential employers if they want to see what I can do.

Year 4: Year 4 of my plan is dependent on how well the college course goes. With a BSC degree under my belt I would feel confident in going for a job in the media industry. However, I would like to have a project that I can call my own, so after the BSC I would really like to create a film from start to finish. I think just after finishing my course would be an ideal time to do so because I will probably have enough spare time to really commit to it, if I had a job then I would probably not be able to spend as much time on it.

Year 5: By this time I hope to have established myself as a film maker. I really hope that I can continue to work in the film making industry and put my degree to good use. By year 5 of this plan, I hope to have a career at least lined up. Although, jobs in the film making industry are almost non-existent in and around Melton so I would probably have to move away to somewhere with a bigger film industry like London in order to find a job that offers what I want, which I am prepared to do. If I don’t find a job that I want then I plan to carry on doing what I do now but on a larger scale. Over the past couple of years I have acquired some useful contacts and worked for some businesses that were pleased with my work so I would continue to do filming and editing work for companies in the local area.


Gareth Skinner – 15/01/1993

My name is Gareth, I’m a 21 year old student currently studying an HND in Film making and digital media at Brooksby Melton College. I have 12 GCSE’s at grade C and above, including Maths, English, French and Science.After studying for the past 4 years, I hope to find employment in the film making industry. My website showcases my previous work, including the video projects I have done for my course. Click here to see my Video Projects page. I enjoy working on film sets on my own or with a team and welcome the opportunity to enhance my experience on productions. I also enjoy photography in my spare time and have had a number of photography jobs for local companies that have been a success. I live in the Melton Mowbray area but enjoy traveling to wherever work takes me so please contact me if you have a project that I can work on.